Friday, July 5, 2013

Hiking at Bukit Tabur (crystal Hills) , Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bukit Tabur ( Crystal hills)  located behind Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's a part of the 16km Klang Gates Quartz Ridge (it's almost 100% make of quartz-- claimed to be the largest of it kind). The hills is less than 500 meters high but it's not easy to climb up because of the sharp stone along the way up, some place is very steep and a misstep will caused serious injury or even death, so climb with caution. The Klang Gates Dam is located beside Bukit Tabur and can be view from the peak. It took 3-5 hours to climb the hills. The hills is full with coniferous trees, moss, shrubs, moss and orchids. 

Breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur Downtown, Klang Gates Dam and surrounded by green vegetation, serow ( wild goat), orchids, moss, crystal, etc.  

wear light 
 bring adequate of water supply ( to prevent hydration) 
 go early ( able to catch sunrise moment and the sun is hot at the noon)
long pants ( i get cut by the sharp stone) 
follow the sign on the rock
do not attempt to find your own route ( some place is very steep - CAUTION)
Sport shoe - for hiking
keep your foot on the solid ground 

How to go:
From MRR2 turn to Taman Melawati and follow the Klang Gates Dam sign, the hiking trial located about 50m of the entrance. 

N3 14.011 E101 44.890 (+ - 20m) 

The crystallized quartz 
 Bukit Tabur trails 
 Bukit Tabur Elevation plot ( highest point 461 meters) 
 going up bukit tabur chart
 descending Bukit Tabur chart
overall ascent and descending Bukit Tabur Chart 

Ants moving along the path 
The breathtaking view from the green vegetation 

 climb down the steep rock 
 Kuala Lumpur downtown 

someone spray "回头是岸" on the rock. .mean repent in English
 the sharp stone cut my knee
 climbing up the hills 
 the vegetation at the hills 
panoramic view of the hills  
 A hot day
 between the cliff Kuala Lumpur city view at the back

moss on the peak of Bukit Tabur  

descending Bukit Tabur via another route ( easier) 


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