Monday, July 16, 2012

Lamb Chop with mashed potato

Lamp chop

1 sliced lamb shoulder
1 broccoli
1 pack of baby carrot
dash of salt
dash of pepper
meat tenderizer powder

Marinate lamp shoulder with salt and pepper left there for an hours ( add meat tenderizer powder to soften the meat)
heated the hot pan and ready to cook the meat cook for approximately 12 minutes. Then ready to serve.

Mashed Potato and Gravy

3 russet potato peeled and cubed
1/4 cup warm milk
40g butter or margarine
4 onions
chicken stock


Cover potato with water in saucepan and boil for 25 minutes with cover. Drain well. Add  salt ,milk, butter and pepper; mash until fluffy.


In a pan, cook the butter and onions on medium heat until onions slightly browned

whisk in some flour into the pan, and add the salt and pepper. Then cook for 3 minutes

Add the hot chicken stock, and cook  for 5 minutes until it's thickened. Cognac can be added too.

Broccoli and carrot is boil and serve together with lamp chop and mashed potato

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