Monday, February 13, 2012

Tang Kuan Hill, Songkhla

Visited Tang Kuan Hill during 2012 lunar New Year. It is  near  to samila beach just a few minutes drive will bring you there. One you reach there you will see lotsa of monkey around the lift station they just playing around and be careful with your food, "they" will rob you. The entree fees is free but you need to pay 30 baht for adult  and 20 baht for children for the lift ticket or you can go up by foot for free. The lift is 136m in length and carry up to 20 persons a time it took about 3 minutes to reach hilltop. Once you reach the top you can saw magnificent 360 degree panoramic view of songkhla with sea, bay, mountain, lake and the town. It's just beautiful and breathtaking. Besides the view there is some old brick ( used to be surrounded Phrathat Chedi Luang) , stupa  protected in designated area for public viewing 

 Tangkuan Mountain located 105 meters above sea level, the ancient monuments located on top of it is stupa ( Phrathat Chedi Luang), rest house of King Rama IV and a fire house. The ancient stupa Phra Chedi Luang was restored in 1886 under king Ram IV command, it is one of the important monuments in Songkhla.

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Nearby Attraction:
Hatyai Municipal Park


beware of Monkey, they do rob and injure peoples
 panoramic view from hilltop ( click to ENLARGE)
the 30 baht lift ticket
 view from hilltop
 view from hilltop
 the incline lift
 old brick

the stupa 

 the city view
 once the big bell is full with small bells, a larger bell will be made from all those smaller bells

another view from the hilltop

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