Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taman Negara ( Malaysia National Park) Kuala Tahan

Last week we went to Malaysia National Park aka Taman Negara. Taman Negara covering 3 states; including Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu covering some 4,343 km² and is noted as one of the oldest tropical rain forest. We went there through Kuala Tahan, Pahang entrance which is more "developed" compare to others entrance because Kuala Tahan entrance is more convenience ( accessible by car)   compare to others that accessible only by boat. Beside that Kuala Tahan entrance is where "the world longest canopy walkway" located. The walkway is 510 meter in length and up to 45m height from ground. We spend 3 days 2 night there and it's lot of joy.

Best time to visit Taman Negara is from February to September ( to avoid monsoon season )
bring insect repellent ( to keep insect away from you)
comfortable wear (i.e  t-shirt, high humidity )
sport shoe with sock ( leeches is common in rain forest )
drink plenty of water
bring some medication in case of falling sick
bring camera to capture amazing fauna and flora
go for the longest canopy walk in the world ( it's kind of fun, walking up to 45m above the trees where you can clearly see the layer of the rain forest canopy, full with flora and fauna)

Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan Entrance

Oldest tropical rain forest, hiking, relaxing, bird watching, varieties wildlife, canopy walkway, etc.

From KL you either can take train or by car. 
by train take train from KL Sentral toward Jerantut , at jerantut take taxi to Taman Negara.

Phone: +603 9086 6800

follow our story by photo-footprint below

Click to ENLARGE

The canopy walkway
Partying in the jungle with our own banner (see, our faces are on it )
 on the way to taman negara..greenery plants with blue sky. I like the view there.
 quan, wendy and r.yi  ( 兜兜风 while waiting for some sesat friends)
 i'm driving
 The entrance to taman negara
 The view from the entrance
The floating restaurants along the river, one can enjoy the dinner while on the flowing river.
 we saw 7 wild boars at Mutiara resort, they just wondering around looking for foods. Besides wild boars there are others animal like tapir, deer,monkey, elephants , etc. But we just saw wild boars because others animal are nocturnal.

 first dinner at roadside..see rui yi
 miss ong with her "angry bird" picture..hahahha
 quan playing with DSLR, wendy cutting our photos, ting massage for r.yi , s.yin preparing cloth for banner
 arranging the photos
 the making of "banner"
 4 leng lui's
 group photo
 when we are hungry, we went to kitchen to "borrow" some hot water for instant cup noodle..aka maggi mee
it's too late and all the light is turned our cellphone light come to the help.
 breakfast..beng making heart-shaped bread..
 applying insect repellent 
 quan said " 需要吗"

 on the boat crossing river for jungle trekking and canopy walk
 the boats for rapid shooting
climbing the stairways
our tour guide..forgot his name dy..ALEX?? 
 3 ca bo at sua pa posting..
 ke zhe le ca po..
 the so-called ants right?
 yum yum
 another "highway"
 wa ma ai ciak
 Tarzan beng
 Tarzan  yin
 and Tarzan ting

 group photo with banner
 this is our banner..special right?
 "Alex" with our banner
 a giant tree
 and we took another group photo there..
 this is the "original" whisky, 
 we keep taking photos all the way..the tour guide should be very tired..haahha
 damar gum burning
damar gum is the resin that secreted by the dipterocarpaceae trees. It is used to build the wooden boat , the resin act as gum that sealed the boat, prevent water from entering.
 blowing the burning gum
 the hiking trails
 it's quite steep tho
 half way resting..we are exhausted..consequence of lacking exercise..  
 ting removing her long sock ( toprevent leeches from sucking the blood) because there is no leeches around this time..
beng and nai drawing  5SC4 on the ground

 the mushroom
 the duck post??
 another musroom
drew by me..5sc4 2011
way to canopy walk 
 our cool nai with his cigarette lighted on. 
distance between each person must at least 5-10 meter and maximum of  4 peoples each time at the platform. This is one of the rules.

beng on the canopy walk 
 rui yi turn
 and do not run on the walkway..
 centipede on the tree
 quan with nai

actually it pretty scary when walking on it , because it keep swinging. and the height is about 45m 

 after canopy walk..resting

 mushroom again
 another group photos
 group photo at the canopy walkway "end"
 we could't stop taking photo

 anther group photo at the entrance of taman negara

 done for jungle trekking and canopy walk. After all we spend almost 6 hours for the 2 activities, normally it just took 3 hours  and according to the tour guide we are the slowest one. breaking the .
btw thank to the tour guide / our temporary photographer .:) I know it's a hectic job to get us as your customer.. Thank You.
 next activity rapid shooting . didn't take any photo of this because we are all wet and my camera is stored in the grey plastic bag. BELOW
 on the boat ..lets go

 starry starry  night..This photo was taken on my hilux when we going for 4x4 ride..loll.
The sky was so clear we can clearly saw all those stars, galaxy on the sky.. the experience is unexplained..i miss the sky 

nai b'day celebration..happy 23th b'day although 9 days earlier 
 and yam seng time..
the time where abuden, abunene, apersona, 大条, 大鸟,小tv born..loll
 beautiful handmade me and beng..
 nai can't stop pouring the liquor 

jia jia drunken..

miss the time with you guys..Friendship forever. looking forward for X'mas gathering or another trip. All the best in everything .


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