Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gua Madu (honey cave) , Gua Musang, Kelantan.

While waiting to meet people at Gua Musang, me and mummy went to Gua Madu, a limestone cave that located in Gua Musang, it kind of spectacular the "ceiling" is more than 100ft above my head, it's so huge. The first thing i heard when stepped out of my car was monkey screaming/ singing sound, it is so noisy but i not manage to saw it because it located 100ft above me, just saw moving branches and leaves at on top of the cave. The actual entrance of the cave is located about 30ft from the ground, we need to climb 2 steel stairs that installed by the management there, the steel stair is kind of steep ( about 80 degree approximately only). Honestly i'm scared when climbing the stair, my leg kind of weak and don't want to move..LOL..but i insist and keep moving , finally reached the real entrance, it's kind of small and dark. I not manage to explore the cave without flashlight. So i will organize a day trip to Gua Madu soon, anyone interested?? feel free to contact me.

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WeeLing Ng

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