Friday, August 5, 2011

Cameron Highland.

Revisited Cameron Highland with family on 3 Feb 2012

 The Cameron twilight

Sg. Palas Boh Tea Farm
 Sg. Palas Boh Tea Farm

Yesterday went to Cameron highland  with ah new, mummy and her friends. Cameron Highland is a great gateway for those who want to relax after after days of hectic working life. Honestly the weather there kind of changed, it's not so cold compare to last time, it might  be climate change/ global warming ( i had no idea too). but overall Cameron Highland still a good place for relax. we can go there for the fresh air, buy fresh vegetables, eating strawberry,  enjoy the flowers, sipping tea, etc.

Photos of Cameron Highland, Click to ENLARGE

BOH tea farm
Strawberry ice-cream

mummy ,untie Elene, untie Irene and ah new..

wonder when will municipal officer will clean this out..
full of foods..

WeeLing Ng

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