Sunday, March 20, 2011

Milk-egg turkey-ham spaghetti

Lunch for March 19 2010 milk-egg turkey ham spaghetti.

one stalk of spaghetti 
5 slice turkey ham
one spoon ginger 
2 garlic 
3 Kaffir lime leaves ( to add the aroma)
1 egg 
one spoon of milk ( better taste when mix with egg)
Prego mushroom spaghetti sauce
one teaspoon of Oil.

Boil spaghetti noodles ( add some salt) for 13-15 minutes (when done set aside in a plate) 

Mix egg and milk in a bowl and fried it ( cut into small pieces when done).

 Cut Kaffir lime leaves into small pieces.

 Heat up oil in a pan; fried up ginger, garlic and tukey ham; then add prego spaghetti sauce and the lime leaves. 

When the spaghetti sauce mixture boiled, pour it on top of spaghetti noodle; decorate with fried egg and lime leaves. Ready to serve 

Weeling Ng


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