Tuesday, February 15, 2011

seafood porridge ( oyster + scallop )

Want to have some light diet?
porridge is the answer.

Last week because of sore throat and get cold .
i cooked this yummy porridge as my lunch. 

3 dried oyster
3 dried scallop
half cup of rice
few stalk cilantros ( for decoration) 
sliced ginger 

Boil dried oyster and dried scallop ( dried oyster kinda hard if not cooked well enough) longer cooking time is better; to make sure the dried oyster is fully cooked so that one can have succulent taste.
Then add more water to the pot with rice and sliced ginger .
Cook until the rice is soft and turn into porridge form.
Add some salt, pepper, soy sauce or chicken bouillon to enhance it flavor.
served in bowl and decorate with cilantro

That all.

Weeling Ng


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