Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Graduation June 2010

While browsing through my external hard-disk photo archive, I discovered my graduation photo back to June 2010. It was a memorable time , my mom came over here to attend my commencement and travel around with me. Because after commencement we went to travel; up to Utah (Yellowstone), so i totally forgot about these photos.

Times flies, it never wait for me nor anyone, it just passed and never back again. It so fast that i not realize that i residing more than 2 years in California, US. And i gonna celebrate the third Chinese New Year here without my family( what a sad case). Back to topic, finally I done my degree in Bsc. biotechnology,  passed through four years degree is not easy nor too hard, moderate i can say, experienced all kind of joy and sorrow; joy when there is holiday, sorrow when there is exam and assignments. Because of twinning program i done 2 years in Malaysia ( TPM college) and 2 years in US (Cal Poly Pomona); what i can say about the differences is; education standard is different. While in Malaysia, the most in a semester is 2 midterm and 2 quizzes; but that not for here they using quarter system which mean 10 weeks; quizzes everyday midterm in between but overall I have a wonderful yet hectic student life. Quite miss study life. Lastly very thankful to my parent for sending me here. Love you.

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Mummy and me
Eric with peace sign , Me , Mummy , Florence , Ester
 guess who
 me and ann

 Building 8 college of science

 leng Mummy
 Jimmy and David
 during commencement
 in proccess
 Me ME me

 kiss from mummy

 Me, Jo and mummy
 Fred, Kelly, mummy and me.

 Ahhua and me..
 housemate photo

 Jack and hua
 lao sun and Jack
 laosun and me
 Me, Amir , Abraham and Jack
 Me and bear
 Amir Me bear.

Weeling Ng

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