Thursday, November 11, 2010

Newport, California, USA Whale Watching

Last summer we ( me , hua, ann and jack) went to Newport beach for whale watching. Few weeks before that, we got a good deal which cost us only $11.25 per person for the whale watching trip( normal price is $30 ). That day we departed at about 11p.m and heading toward Newport beach, about an hour we reached there, first sight it feel pretty good and nice, the atmosphere there is more to relax, many families there are prepared to the beach and water sport.
Parking along the road is full, so we follow the GPS direction and finally reach the Newport Landing office. After parked our car and registered at the office, we walk around the area while waiting for the boat, a bay that separate the two side of the area, they even have a small ferry that fetch the car to the opposite side and many yacht that parked at the bay area. The scenes there pretty nice and calm, just felt in holiday mood, everyone is enjoying life there.
 Then we wait for the boat to come, about half hour we depart and begin our journey "hunting" for the whale. We passed  many luxurious houses that build beside the bay and most of them have their own yacht in their "garage", then we reached the ocean, the boat keep going, on their routine route. The boat is equipped with sonar  and GPS system that help to detect whales, so the captain keep look on his binocular to spot whale; on the way we saw many dolphins swimming and jumping out of water. It pretty warm scenes because this the first time I saw dolphin in the wild and in large numbers. When the captain spotted the whale he will announce and ask us to look at the particular angle/side. That time i prepared my 55-250mm lens in order to capture the far away whale, i manage to get some of the whales but after all i felt  dizziness and felt like gonna vomit. This might be i focused too long on the camera or maybe seasick tho. So after the boat turn back; no more whale to see, i just sat on the chair and rest the camera beside me. (I don't want to vomit on the boat, this gonna to be super duper embarrass), no picture anymore. Although suffering for seasick, but still enjoy the trip, this is the first time i saw whales, dolphins and sea-lion in the wild.

here some photos of the day.

click to enlarge
 the street
 the ordinary california view
hua and jack(open ur eye) 

craved shark on wood
 doggy in the boat


 the whale tail
dolphin jumping at Newport beach

the beach

WeeLing Ng

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