Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my cellphone alive after half coma...

while on the way back home from laundry.. i ran toward my apartment because of the cold weather(approximately 12 degree celcius)..whose know today isn't my cellphone fell of my pocket and i step hard on it..i discovered one small piece of the aluminium frame broke off ( pretty lucky the LCD screen didn't broke).Fine, as long as it usable. But when i tried to call my mom..the "call", #2 and #3 keys doesn't work.. omg..
so i decide to dissemble it and see what wrong with it( the first time i dissemble a phone).. i found some tutorial at youtube on how to dissemble the phone.. and successfully dissemble it..while testing the phone, it show the chip is broken.(i'm guessing, because i thought maybe something is loose so that the key doesn't work; but when i directly press on the chip it still can't function) so i gave up and assemble back to it original state, and turn on the phone; miracle happened the dead button come alive..just usable like last time..i'm so happy..:)

anyway the moral of this story is i need to keep fit, someone say the aluminium frame broke because i'm too fat and step on it..

here some photo of my pity phone..

 Dissemble in process 
 assemble back..but a small piece of aluminium fall off
poor phone..

Weeling Ng

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