Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cal Poly Pomona my Uni..

Cal Poly Pomona abbreviation of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona  located at Pomona, CA neighboring to Walnut. This is the university i been attended for almost 2 years. Actually had  pretty hard time here with the quarter system instead of semester system which only 10 weeks per quarter. Last few quarters winter'10 and spring'10 took 19 and 20 unit respectively, it really tough time, because the classes start from 8a.m and end at 6p.m, in between just have about 2 -3 hours rest time; this is my timetable for the whole quarter and i still need to attend lab at night. But all are passed, after all i 'm done. Here  are some of the photos i took at Cal Poly Pomona.

Part II of Cal Poly Pomona (click here)
Part III of Cal Poly Pomona (click here)

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cal poly pomona in front arabian horse house ranch [HDR]
 24 hours library
 some duckie flying
 horses wondering
 duckie playing in water
 horses and the San bernardino mountain as background
  wild flower
  horses and the San bernardino mountain as background
 CLA building
 sheep and blossom bombax trees at university drive
Sycamore trees alongside the road between business and engineering building
purple flowers
dropped bombax flower 
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WeeLing Ng

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