Saturday, October 2, 2010


October 1, my birthday..
my house mate bought a cake and we have a "party" (playing with cake)
it just normal from beginning..
happy b'day song..
cut the cake..
until some one start the "war"
that me..
apply icing on people face..
and then "real war" begin..
all peoples start attacking me with icing..
and then attacked each others..
most of our  face is "make up" with cream that time...
the most pity guy is sun cheng..
the clean up before the "war" over..
and everyone waiting outside the shower room..
when he came out...
another massive attack on him..(fulled with icing again)..
after all..
the icing and cake scattered around the floor..
so clean it up..
when washing my face..the i can felt the oily and sweetness of the cake..
it so disgusting..
here some pictures of yesterday night..
the begining

 the cake
 the song
 the attack begin
 full with cream..

 waiting for sun cheng..
still waiting..

weeling, ng

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