Thursday, September 2, 2010

kindle 3 review..

yesterday received my kindle ( wifi 3rd generation) an e-book reader..
after used it for a day, i found some of the features that make it perfect for reading.
the e-ink technology just awesome , you just felt the word on screen just like on a piece of paper.
it just look the same as paper. when first received it, i read the instruction on the screen, first sight i though it a piece of paper stick on the screen, and planned to tear it off, who know it was the e-ink. the instruction disappear after i turned the kindle on. The e-ink is superb you can read it on direct sunlight ,it will not show any glare, it just same as you look at book.
Besides that it have the Text to speech feature which is quite amazing, u can lets it read the book for you. you can choose between female or male voice with adjustable speed rate.
It also include two dictionary; Oxford Dictionary of English and The New Oxford American Dictionary, you can directly find the meaning while reading the book, it so convenient.
The wifi function not only allow to receive books form amazon but it can use for online. i manage to surf the web using kindle. but it limited to text based website. because it does not support flash player.
the battery life also one of the special about kindle it can lasts up to one month on a single charged.
i try upload Chinese character document to kindle luckily it readable.
Amazon also provide a free email address which you can send word, pdf, jpeg ,etc files, they will convert  and send back to your kindle. And it free of charge over wifi, so the document is readable on kindle.

here some photos of my kindle..

Weeling Ng

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